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Our LMS support offerings:

Our first online course was created before the first LMS existed. We used Lotus Notes, and we'll just say that it was a 'very interesting' experience.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with most major LMS platforms, and continue to work with clients on many of those systems.

However, we are very pleased to provide full support for, and are a certified reseller of the Simply Digi Learning Management System. We have also been a paying customer of the Simply Digi system for many years ourselves, so we are familiar with all sides of the platform.

If you are looking for an LMS platform, we can help you clarify your unique needs for online learning delivery, and if Simply Digi is the best solution, we can guide you through the entire process from sales and setup, to ongoing support of your online learning activities.

eLearning is a rapidly changing learning space, and there is a huge selection of LMS platforms to choose from. The selection of the correct platform for your needs is probably going to be the most critical eLearning decision you will make. The correct system will help you do whatever you want to do. The wrong system will haunt you, keep you awake at night, give you heartburn, make your dog growl at strangers, and cost you far too much money.

The key is that you are very clear about your wants and needs, and clear about your hopes for your future eLearning creations. Use that information to make your selection, and do not make it based on a great sales pitch, mysteriously low costs, or a hodge-podge (I really like that word) of "really cool" features that you know you will never really need, or use.

We are always happy to talk with newcomers to the eLearning world, and help you clarify your needs. You don't have to guess, and you don't have to figure it out all on your own.